Tuesday, 12 October 2004

I'm back! This website has languished the past year and a half, but now it's back to business. What business? The business of identifying potentially undervalued stocks the Ben Graham way, or, the old fashioned way, you might say. In the coming weeks, I'll revisit the 3 companies Circuit City, Blair, and Ambassadors International, each of which was the subject of a research report posted on this site. We'll review how these stocks have performed since I conducted the initial research, as well as provide updates on the companies.

You can also expect to see new research reports: companies you may have never heard of that may represent tremendous value. To read more about the Ben Graham Net Current Asset Value approach to investing, please scroll down and read the very first posting on this site. In the meantime please e-mail me at cheapstocks@earthlink.net with any questions or comments.

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