Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Old News Leads to Big Hits: Mistake of the Day
We were stunned this morning to see hits on our site skyrocket in a very tight timeframe. Since we had not posted any new content since last week, we were puzzled by the level of interest. It didn't take long to find the reason: The Street.COM columnist James Altucher had re-posted a link to our 4/6 piece Why We Closed Our Jones Soda Position in today's edition of his Blog Watch column.

It was very evident that it was an older piece, yet any news on Jones these days garners heavy interest. However, that is not the kind of interest we want here at Cheap Stocks. There is more than enough speculation out there, and the day we begin sensationalizing, is the day we'll close down this site. For good.

We contacted Altucher, who was very gracious. He apologized for the mistake, and immediately withdrew the reference in his column.

For the record, we do not have a position in Jones Soda (JSDA), long or short.

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