Monday, 19 January 2009

Looking Outside Our Narrow World of Deep Value

If you’ve been a long-time Cheap Stocks reader, you no doubt recognize that we focus on a relatively small sliver of the investment universe. Deep Value certainly isn’t the only way to invest, and net nets are not the only relevant deep value investment technique; these just happen to be the areas of the market we find most fascinating. Proper asset allocation is still imperative, something that we both embrace, and practice.

To that end, occasionally we run across a website, newsletter, or book that we see as must-read. We’ve just found such a worthy publication, which happens to focus on proper asset allocation, in a simple, easy to understand, easy to replicate, and inexpensive framework.

Jim Picerno’s (editor of the excellent Capital Spectator website), recently launched newsletter, The Beta Investment Report is perhaps the best of its kind. The inaugural issue is jam packed with practical information about building well diversified portfolios, and the ins and outs of asset allocation. It's refreshing to see that Picerno does not shy away from the great debate brought on by the near crash of most asset classes in 2008, that has shaken many investors confidence in the benefits of diversification.

Picerno, formely a writer for Bloomberg, and Wealth Manager Magazine, is a rarity in the world of journalism these days; a great writer who not only knows his craft, but is also an expert in the subject matter he writes about. His passion is obvious, and it comes through loud and clear in his writing style.

To see for yourself, Picerno is offering the inaugural issue of The Beta Investment Report for free, while a full one year subscription runs $235. Sign us up.

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